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Affiliate Program

The Offer

Nextwebhosting offers you a simple way to help your web site earn more money while enhancing your visitor's experience. Simply reference our Affiliate Logo or Banner on your site, and you will earn cash every time someone clicks through to our site and orders a product. It's that easy!

Earn Generous Referral Fees

Nextwebhosting pays you 15% of the setup and recurring fees of any web hosting product we sell on our web site! Unlike many other Affiliate-style programs, we do not require our Affiliates to meet sales quotas in order to receive referral fees. We pay a consistent percentage of sales regardless of how much you sell.

Just add a Nextwebhosting banner or button to your website and start making money. When visitors to your web site click on the banner or button, sign up for Nextwebhosting, Nextwebhosting will pay you a 15% commission .

  Description Shared Hosting [1] Co-location Dedicated Server
  1 web hosting plan $28.98 $484.20 $718.20
  10 web hosting plans $289.80 $4,842.00 $7,182.00
  100 web hosting plan $2,898.00 $48,420.00 $71,820.00
  1000 web hosting plan $28,980.00 $484,200.00 $718,200.00
  10000 web hosting plan $289,800.00 $4,842,000.00 $7,182,000.00
[1] Based on of the most popular shared hosting plan. [Silver]

Work with one of the Leader

Nextwebhosting has pioneered new levels of customer care and website management technologies, providing the fastest,easiest way to host websites for customers around the world. We launched in 1997 and have already become one of the top hosting companies in the world according to the InterNIC database at Network Solutions in 1998.

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Complete our short application form and we will review your application. Once accepted, you will receive a confirming e-mail with information on how to view your traffic and revenue reports.

Insert the corresponding code for the selected banner into your web site. Every visitor who clicks on the banner/button and places an order with Nextwebhosting will then be tracked. Your commission will be calculated automatically.
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Already a Nextwebhosting Affiliate?

Please use your user ID and password to access your reporting page at the URL specified in your Affiliate setup e-mail!