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Once you have a website up and running, it takes about 15 minutes to convert your informational website into a virtual store. Nextwebhosting has partnered with Cart32 to provide you with a powerful tool to implement your online sales.

Cart32 enables you to set the criteria for your salable items, and provide the pricing and delivery information required to complete the transaction.

Nextwebhosting’s licensing agreement with Cart32 will guarantee you always have an up to date latest version running.

Cart32 v4.1

  • Option to not save any credit card information into the Cart32 data files
  • Validates credit card numbers
  • 32-bit CGI program for Windows 95, 98, NT & 2000
  • Easy to setup and use
  • Integrates well with FrontPage
  • Web browser administration
  • Fast CGI execution
  • Cart holds item name, part number, quantity, price, shipping, tax, weight and custom options
  • Item price, part number, shipping, weight and tax adjustable based on an option
  • Accepts both billing and shipping addresses
  • Discounts based on total order, number of items and discount/coupon codes
  • Flexible tax options including tax rates for each state or country and flat tax support
  • Flexible shipping options including shipping by weight, total cost, number of items and more
    Supports SSL security
  • Completely customizable
  • Customize the e-mail messages sent to the client and to the customer
  • Translate Cart32 output to work in different languages
  • Add multiple items at one time
  • Separate text fields for web display and email messages
  • Separate customer email for credit card approvals and declines
  • Specify a minimum order amount
  • Surcharge for a specific payment item
  • Discount codes support percent off and free shipping for specific shipping types
  • Client side validation of required fields on the payment form using Javascript
  • If update button is set to not show on the itemlist page, the qty field will show in regular text
  • instead of a text box.
  • Ability to set text to show if UPS or USPS returns zero for shipping
  • Option to make payment choices display as radio buttons or a drop down list
  • Direct integration of a product database for adding items to the cart. This feature is completely optional and will support Cart32's built in database or an external database. The HTML method
    for adding items to the cart will still work the same as in previous versions.
  • User Registration - includes optional users database with registration, remember customer information, checking order status, email forgotten password, etc.
  • Completely new "Show Orders" tab in Cart32 admin, with ability to update status and tracking number
  • Clone a client (add a client with the same settings as another client)
  • Real time credit card processor API designed to allow for easy addition of new processors to Cart32+
  • Inclusion of over 20 new credit card processors directly supported by Cart32
  • Ability to change text on confirm order button on click to prevent double submissions of orders
  • Support for payment by InternetCash™
  • Support for US postal service shipping rates
  • Support for UPS OnLine® Tools
  • New, improved HTML Form Wizard
  • Support for gift certificates
  • Restrict access to Cart32 administration by IP address
  • Ability to change client code

Learn more about the Cart32 system and download a trial copy at this site

Create the html form for your product on Cart32's new web-based form wizard.