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CGI Scripts/Programming

1. How to Use ASPMail
8. ASPMail Methods
2. ASP Upload
9. ASPMail Properties
3. Form to Email
10. Installed Perl Modules
4. Free Guestbook Script
11. Converting From MPS.SendMail
5. Free WWWBoard Script
12. The Global.asa File
6. Free Random Link Generator
13. Hit Counter
7. Collaboration Data Objects (CDO) for NTS
14. CGI and cgi-bin


1. MS Access 2000
3. SQL Server 7.0 FAQ
2. Getting SQL 7.0 Connected


1. Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
2. Shopping cart


1. MIDI Audio Files
3. RealSystem G2
2. Supported mime types

Web Design Resource Guide

This resource guide provides information about web design, Internet applications, common coding, and other important topics that will assist you in developing your web site.

To start using this guide, click the links below. (HTML Authoring, HTML Tricks and Techniques, Java Scripting) In addition to viewing its information on-line, you may also want to print this guide in order to keep it as a quick reference.

Please note that Nextwebhosting does not support web design, or any of the products listed. We have provided this informational guide as a courtesy to our customers. Many of the topics discussed in this guide fall beyond the scope of our Technical Support service.

1. HTML Authoring
4. Graphics
2. HTML Tricks and Techniques
5. Java Scripting
3. Useful Programs & Services