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  In-House vs. Nextwebhosting
  Average Startup Costs   In-house   Co-located at Nextwebhosting  
  NT Web Server   $6,000   client supplied (from 700)  
  Router/CSU/DSU   $10,000   included  
  UPS Backup   $1000   included  
  Initial Configuration   $5,000   from $269  
  Total Startup   $22,000   from $269  
  Average Monthly Costs   In-house   outsource to Nextwebhosting  
  Technical Maintenance   $5,000   included  
  OC-3 Fiber Optic Connection   $5,000   included  
  Server Lease   $0   variable by client  
  Total Monthly Cost   $10,000   from $269  
  First Year's Costs   $120,000   $3,497  
In-House Web Hosting vs. Nextwebhosting - Outsourcing to Nextwebhosting is highly cost effective:
Forester Research estimates that the average company will spend $120,000 or more annually on their in-house Internet server operations.

Key Features of Managed Dedicated Servers:

  • Your equipment in a premier data center
  • Scalable, off-site, network housing and hosting services offer customizable options to help you reduce internal IT costs
  • Significantly lower cost and higher reliability than housing a server yourself
  • UPS & generator protected power
  • Excellent physical security
  • Tight environmental control
  • Redundant OC3 Internet Connectivity
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • 24/7/365 staffing by qualified personnel