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"Thanks for all of your great hosting and help over the year. Every time I've run a server check, you come up great, with server lookup and connect times around one tenth of the average. Most of all though, I like to know that whenever I have a question about hosting a new site, adding a new site feature, e-commerce or whatever, you are there to answer the phone. That kind of personal service means a lot these days, where we so quickly become an anonymous "customer number". Thanks, "

Rob Klau, Shields Eyewear

"I must say that the support that you offer your customers far exceeds what anybody could expect. You have always been extremely effecient in adding features for my site or answering questions that I may have. Keep up the excellent work - your above standard support has ensured that I will remain a loyal customer for a long time."

Chris Purdie, Java Computers

"Elosoft was chosen for three reasons over the competition.
1. Value
2. Support
3. Convience
I would like to thank one individal in particualar, Leslie has been very paitent and has supported me in this process. I want him to know that this has brought great comfort to myself and the parties trying to develop in this domain. Thanks, for the team effort at Elosoft"

Leroy Manville, AdFarm

Thanks so much for your prompt attention - makes us absolutely certain that while our business is in the UK - service is better and more efficient having our server in North America!

Lin Grist, School of Physical Theatre

"When our primary RepLINK server died, we rented a computer to see us through and started a search for an alternative to owning and maintaining our own hardware. Since the Internet has made location irrelevant, our search turned up several suitable companies, in Canada, the US, and elsewhere. After a very thorough investigation, Elosoft came out as the clear leader. The choice of packages suited us perfectly and the cost was even better that we had expected. Especially since we no longer had to maintain and upgrade our own hardware and software. All of our programming was in executable form that was modified to ASP with scripting. Your support staff went far beyond the call of duty in helping us complete this migration. Please feel free to refer any prospective clients to me for a recommendation."

Wayne O'Neil, RepLINK Corporation

"Thanks a lot! That was quick."

"Elosoft has provided us with the best professional hosting services we could ask for. We have been with them for about a year now and being a large site we are comforted to know that they possess the skills, infrastructure and will to provide us with our growing demands."

Hayden James, Purehonda.com

"Great, I love the service at Elosoft!!!"

Darrell Callander, The Affiliate Times

"I'd just like to say that the Technical Support at Elosoft has been more than amazing, I have never encountered a company with such fast feedback and always a voice to talk to when there are problems..."

Deepesh Banerji, The Online Bengali Bookstore

"Great, thanks! As usual at top speed!

At a time when some online companies take days or even weeks to respond to client requests (if they do so at all!), you respond in mere minutes! Your level of support has been absolutely incredible thus far. I am completely blown away! "

Jonathan E. Dyer, Roadsaw

"Thanks Leslie for the prompt support to my request for both servingdurham and respiratorydiagnostics.

I must admit I did not expect at hear anything until at least tomorrow some time. My background has been in service, more than 30 years, it is nice to deal with someone who knows the meaning of the word.

Many Thanks"
Harry, servingdurham.com

"Your support is the greatest I have seen in a long time. "

Aaron, H2O Software

"Once again thanking you for the attention and services of the support team at Elosoft and looking forward to a successfull and rewarding relationship for both parties. "

Eduardo de Abreu, Digital Graffiti

"Thank you for the usual quick action."

John Baytaluk, Baytek Systems

"Thank you very much. I must say that the support at Elosoft has been top-notch, vastly superior to any other web hosting company that I have dealt with in the past!"

John Heinstein, INNOVA Multimedia Ltd.

"Once again thank you. Great service. I really appreciate the quickness."

Jim, Information Services Inc.

"Thanks so much for the awesome job! I really appreciate your time and support."

Christopher D. Birtch, Software Engineer, Salient Research Labs Inc.

"Thank you! I appreciate the attention that you've given to my new account! You're service is very much appreciated, and since we are a Web publishing business, I'm sure that I will bring new customers to your hosting service. Your company will be recommended."

Jason Beaudoin, Page Presence Corporation

"Wow, that was the fastest response I've ever gotten!"

Steve Farmwald, Zesium AG

"Thank you very much for your prompt response and service."

Guriqbal Chahal

"I just like to say thanks for all your help with the www.cleanoil.com account. You are the best. I'm going to pass all my web hosting to you in the future. Thanks for all your quick service and support."

Stephen Kanderka, Smart Graphics

"I just signed up early in the week and I must say how impressed I am with the speed !!!! "

Phil Scolieri, Engineering Technologist, University of Toronto

"Thank you for your prompt service and response."

Suhail I. Ahmad CEO, Everest Financial Group

"Thank you very much for the fast response."

Mark Jackson, ALeague.Com, The WorldWide Source for Sports!

"Thank you for setting the site up so quickly. Great service."

Martin Hidinger, The Villagemaze

"I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that I think Elosoft is an excellent company providing top notch services. I've been a customer for several months now and have only experienced one outage.

I've been recommending your services to anyone who has been interested in starting up their own site and I have yet not found another company that provides the many services you do at this comparable price. Keep up the great effort!"

Sam Knox - MCSE, Network Designs NorthWest

"Just a short note to thank you for the effort you put into getting our website working. We appreciate the personalised service, even though it does not fit into your job description. Although frustrating at the beginning, we have received great service from you and Elosoft is fast becoming a recommended supplier in our business. We know that there will probably some more questions and even possibly frustrating "on line" help sessions, but we are also certain that you will be as helpful as before."

S. & C.

"Thanks for always making it easy to work with you."

David Leta, Sign Language Marketing and Web graphics

"During the last year, me and the members appreciated the excellent service that your company has been provided to the association. The association are looking forward to many more.

Once again thank you for the excellent service."

Richard Cloutier, Logistics Movers Association

"Thanks for being so quick to answer my silly questions. I appreaciate it, and it shows what a great service you run."

D. Elles, Modenhauser KERT

"Thanks a lot, you guys are great.
Very quick and efficient.
I appreciate your immediate response."

Srinivasababu Manne

"As a customer, I'd like to thank you for your great service. Visitors to my page complement the quickness at which the pages load.
In Addition, whenever i have a problem, Elosoft's tech-support personnel are quick to respond. Keep this great service up."

Michael, Web Developer/Programmer

"Thank you for all your help. Your support has been tremendous as always."

Karly Holmes, The Alder Group

"Wow! You guys are fast at responding!"

Brad Dennis, Sundog Web Design

"Hi Leslie and Crew! (Sorry I don't know the rest of your names)
That's no problem at all. I am a VERY satisfied customer of Elosoft. And have been ever since I signed up. I look forward to being a customer for a long time to come.
I am happy to see that you DO in fact take the time to make sure that your systems are running at optimal performance and to see that your customers are receiving the best service that you can offer.
Keep up the good work!"

Tom Spelic

"Thanks for your fast response. Thanks a million !!! I am very impressed with your fast, reliable, frindly, superb service. If I can help you with anything, please let me know. Have a great weekend."

Peter Urs Bender, PeterUrsBender.com

"Thanks for your excellent support!!"

Larry Gardner, University of British Columbia