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Nextwebhosting Acceptable Use Policy

Nextwebhosting believes strongly in the Internet being an open and free information highway. However we believe also that certain limitations are necessary in order to preserve the Internet as a usable well functioning facility. For this reason, Nextwebhosting has adopted the following policies to ensure Internet users are treated with respect, courtesy, and due regard to their rights.

Nextwebhosting will not condone Illegality in any form, including but not limited to activities such as unauthorized distribution or copying of copyrighted software, harassment, fraud, trafficking in obscene material, drug dealing, and other illegal activities.

Nextwebhosting will not allow or sanction net abuse, including but not limited to activities such as; using a non-existent return e-mail address on a commercial solicitation, spamming (sending unsolicited advertising to numerous e-mail addresses or newsgroups and/or generating a significantly higher volume of outgoing email than a normal user), trolling (posting outrageous messages to generate numerous responses), mail-bombing (sending multiple messages without significant new content to the same user), subscribing someone else to a mailing list without that person's permission, cross-posting articles to an excessive number of newsgroups, or hacking (attempting without authorization to enter into a secured computer system). We reserve the right to determine what constitutes net abuse.

Misuse of system resources, including but not limited to employing posts or programs which consume excessive CPU time or storage space; permitting use of mail services, mail forwarding capabilities, POP accounts, or auto responders other than for the customer's own account; or resale of access to CGI scripts installed on our servers.

Nextwebhosting reserves the right to take action if violations of this policy take place. These include but are not limited to withdrawal of service, cancellation of account, removal from servers, disconnection of servers, legal action, notification of law enforcement agencies.

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