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If you already own a domain name, you will need to transfer it to Nextwebhosting's DNS numbers before you can access your website using your domain name. Depending on whom your domain name is registered with, the transfer processes are different.

Once your account is initialized you will be able to access it by IP number immediately, however, if your web site was previously active, we strongly advise you to keep it up and running with your previous hosting company for at least for a week to allow name servers across the system time to update, and avoid any possible downtime.

Propagation of your transferred domain
Propagation is the time it takes for all the internet service providers around the world to update their information internally. Each domain name IP number has an expiry date as part of its properties. This date is normally set at an industry standard 7 days. When the IP expiry is reached, the ISP will update the new IP address of the domain. At this time the ISP receives any new information, such as a transfer of the location of the domain name. Depending then on where in this cycle your domain name might be on various ISPís across the system, your new location is updated at various intervals. This is why it may take up to seven days before your new site is completely accessible across the entire Internet by domain name.

It is not possible to know where your IP is in the cycle with any given ISP.

If your domain name is registered with Networksolutions we will contact them. Networksolutions will send an email to the administrative contact of your domain name. The administrative contact must reply back acknowledging the transfer. The new setting takes effect in 48-72 hours and your domain name will work.

Other Registrars:
If your domain name was registered elsewhere, please contact them directly and point your domain name to our DNS numbers. Most Registrars have a control panel where you can login and administer your domain.

When you purchased your domain name, you were given a username and password. All you need to do is to login to your account and point your domain name to Nextwebhosting's DNS.

Primary Server Hostname: 
Primary Server Netaddress:
Secondary Server Hostname:
Secondary Server Netaddress:

If you would like us to complete the transfer, we will need your domain username and password. ( the future you always have the option to modify your password with the Registrar.)

If you have any problems, please contact .